I may be a youth pastor and filmmaker, but if I ever am fired from either of those maybe I could pursue....
  1. "Action Announcer" for paintball competitions. (Because everyone already pretends they are in a video game anyways.)
  2. "Theatre Host." (Giving the movie-goer more trivia and hype about their movie than they probably want at the cinema, but they'll be polite because I'll be genuinely enthusiastic.)
  3. "Hospitality Chief" at a hipster coffee shop. (Not a barista though because I'm not actually a hipster, I'd just want to create an exceptionally unique space to enjoy great coffee.)
  4. "Airline Conversationalist" (so I can pioneer a new career of sitting in empty seats to make people's flights more enjoyable through engaging conversation.)
  5. "Crowd Capture Cinematographer" (so I can pioneer a new perspective for televised events - sports, ceremonies, etc - from angles that people never get to experience.)
  6. "Professional Critic" (Ideally, successful publications and media groups would hire my mercenary-esque services that would enable me to consume culturally important things and use a personal custom rating scale for all of them.)