Welcome to Hogwarts! Put on this crusty old hat and let it judge you.
  1. Hillary Clinton: GRYFFINDOR. A brave candidate and a proven leader, but determined for glory at any cost.
  2. Bernie Sanders: RAVENCLAW. Outspoken to a fault and sharp as a tack, but more prone to passionate lecturing than diplomatic discourse.
  3. Jim Webb: SLYTHERIN. Confident and abrasive, but more than willing to risk it all to win it all.
  4. Martin O'Malley: HUFFLEPUFF. Likable and capable, but functions better as part of a team than a sole leader. Plus, he's just running for VP at this point.
  5. Lincoln Chafee: SQUIB. C'mon, just look at the guy. Squibbing it up over there in Squib Town.