Welcome to Hogwarts! Put on this crusty old hat and let it judge you.
  1. Donald Trump: SLYTHERIN. Self-assured and accomplished, but possesses pride and arrogance in seemingly toxic amounts.
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  2. Ben Carson: RAVENCLAW. Meticulous and scholarly in certain realms, but woefully uninformed and ignorant in most others.
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  3. Jeb Bush: HUFFLEPUFF. Competent and loyal, but unable to truly distinguish himself as an individual.
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  4. John Kasich: GRYFFINDOR. Pragmatic and compassionate, but unwilling to do whatever it takes to win.
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  5. Ted Cruz: HOUSE ELF. Head down to the kitchens and start working on the feast.
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  6. Mike Huckabee: DEATH EATER.
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  7. Carly Fiorina: DEATH EATER.
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  8. Rick Santorum: DEATH EATER.
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