Greek to you not to me... Stuff you deal with if your family is "Greek American"...

A term 3rd geners will never use and 2nd geners cringe at...
  1. Dealing with two names: the American one you actually use, and the Greek one from an ancient ancestor you use when you receive communion at church... "Mom, how do I pronounce that again?..."
  2. Using two calendars to figure out holidays... Ok Christmas is the same but Easter is anytime between March and May as long it follows Passover, the last full moon, and Easter candy is at least 50% off!
  3. Syllables are important.... The more on your name the more Greek you are— or just add an extra "appoulos" to it!
  4. Yiayia's cream is the go-to fix for all skin issues! Homemade of course!
  5. Your pantry consists of jars of grape leaves, honey, and cans of weird seafood!
  6. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is what the "west-side" Greeks are like and it's just the tip of the iceberg!
  7. Family means anyone who walks in sits down and eats your mom's Greek food!