I've been rewatching Freaks and Geeks and now that I'm older (I was 11 when it was on tv) I have realized that I was Lindsay Weir (played by Linda Cardellini) throughout high school.
  1. When she feels bad for ditching her mom on Halloween ("Tricks and Treats")
    Mrs. Weir is SO excited to hand out homemade cookies with Lindsey. But Lindsay ditches her mom to throw eggs at her bro and feels SO MUCH GUILT OH THE GUILT
  2. When she's tutoring sexiest Freak, Daniel Franco, in her bedroom ("Tests and Breasts")
    And she's like "You can't smoke in here!😳. I mean, you know, my parents...😅". Story of my life blaming all of my uncool moments on my parents.
  3. When Lindsay and Sam don't want to play "Pit" with their dad because they have plans ("Carded and Discarded")
    So many nights my dad has wanted me my siblings to stay home for family time and we've all had plans with friends. GUILTY.
  4. When Lindsay checks out the new TI graphing calculator with her Mathlete friends ("Looks and Books")
    This is the ep when you get a glimpse at the pre-Freak Lindsay. Major Nerd Alert, and I would know. Her barrettes are way hot.
  5. When Cindy Sanders calls Sam to talk about Todd and Sam chokes himself on the telephone cord...
  6. ... and Lindsay laugh because she and Sam are cool siblings ("Girlfriends and Boyfriends")
    Lindsay and Sam's relationship makes me think of my own sibling dynamics - how we fight over dumb shit, call each other out when we're being bozos, keep secrets, and laugh at/with each other
  7. Lindsay Weir. Miss ya, girl❤️