Requested by @crossedties
Inspired and requested by @crossedties too many days ago!
  1. The year was 1984 (ish)
  2. Jagjit Singh had a concert near London, one that both my parents went to.
    Jagjit Singh sang many 'ghazals', or romantic songs, at the time. Could there be a better setting?
  3. My mom had gone to the concert with her older brothers.
  4. My dad was there, too, and had brought his camera to take pics.
  5. But as my dad was taking photos, he spotted my mom, and started taking photos of her, too.
    Real smooth, Papa.
  6. She noticed. He was wearing a white turban, which wasn't super common then. Imagine wearing white pants all the time, trying to keep them clean! He looked like a chic dude.
    She'd probably cringe at "chic" lol
  7. My now uncles noticed, too!
  8. But my dad had the courage to ask for my mom's phone number, and he called her!
    At the time, it was pretty wild for young folks to meet without parental or relatives involved.
  9. They met up and hit it off, and went on to see each other for a few years before getting married!
  10. I like to think that they had an arranged marriage, that they just happened to arrange themselves
  11. Now go check out @crossedties beautiful story about her parents' arranged marriage! MY PARENTS' ARRANGED MARRIAGE STORY
    There are misconceptions or assumptions about Indian marriages, especially for first generation kids and I love hearing new stories.