1. "You sound like you have an accent...?"
    Yes. A southern CA accent. Because that's where I'm from.
  2. "You look like this girl I know. She's Persian."
    Nope. Not Persian.
  3. "She's beautiful!"
    Nope. Thank you, but still not Persian.
  4. "Your name is so unique. Does it have an ethnic meaning?"
    Yes. It means "painfully patient brown womyn".
  5. "Did your parents always live here?"
    Woah. I just met you in the grocery line, and you wanna know about my family migration patterns? Would you ask me about the questionable amount of Hot Cheetos in my shopping cart?! Equally personal, I'd argue.
  6. Sure, I could make it easier and just say I'm Indian. But I just met you!
  7. If you really need to find a metaphorical box to put me in, though, below are a number of superficial traits you can categorize me by:
  8. Long brown hair
  9. Wicked straight eye liner
  10. Purple round glasses
  11. Violently obnoxious laugh
  12. Ass that won't quit