I have a folder on my phone with an arsenal of pictures that often serve as excellent go-to responses when texting my friends. Here are a few examples. Feel free to use (or recommend new ones!)
  1. You ready?
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    I send this on a Friday an hour before happy hour, or ten minutes before I call an Uber
  2. I just want to eat
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    I recommend sending this image repeatedly when no one in the group chat can decide where to get dinner
  3. Compliment my brain
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    Excellent for when someone is trying to shower you with surface level flattery, but real friends should know what I like to hear!
  4. Uteruses before duderuses
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    Good for a group chat, especially when a bestie has been wronged by a duderus
  5. Haters gonna hate
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    These two are the cutest haters. If my bestie is complaining about a hater, these guys are a good reminder not to take it too seriously.