Like many in the List App family, I am a big fan of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation". There are many moments when these worlds collide.
  1. Michael's Chair Model from "The Office" (S04E10)
    He sees her in an office supply catalog and is immediately enamored.
  2. Trish, Pawnee's Beauty Pageant winner from Parks and Rec (S02E03)
    Ditzy and "the hot one!", Trish wins over the intelligent and modest, Susan. The real tragedy is when April quits halfway.
  3. Trish and the Chair Model are the same actress! April Marie Eden!
  4. This has been on my mind for so long! LIKE A WHOLE YEAR.
    And my lazy butt just took the time to look up the deets on IMDB
  5. So for anyone else who may have been curious and equally lazy, you're welcome. Feel free to 💾 for future reference.