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  1. Saying hello
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  2. Hello?
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  3. Hello!
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  4. Saying hello in other languages
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  5. Dancing
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  6. Bad dancing
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  7. The Simpsons dancing
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  8. Anything from the Simpsons, really
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  9. Eye rolling
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  10. High fives
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  11. Self high fives
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  12. Low fives
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  13. Times when you DGAF
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  14. Gif art
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  15. This
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  16. Whatever the fuck this is
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  17. Because there's no emoji for this
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  18. Moments of reflection
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  19. Hat tips
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  20. Brushing your teeth at bae's
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  21. Making your bread
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  22. Shrugs
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  23. Sighs (happy)
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  24. Sighs (sad)
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  25. SMH
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  26. Apologies
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  27. All sorts of feels
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  28. Thinking while drinking
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  29. Making an entrance
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  30. Showcasing your skills
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  31. Good hair days
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  32. Bad hair days
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  33. Breakfast
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  34. Lunch
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  35. Dinner
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  36. Michael
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  37. Dwight
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  38. Jim
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  39. Pam
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  40. Ryan (@bjnovak)
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  41. Kelly (@mindy)
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  42. Creed
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  43. Andy
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  44. Angela
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  45. Nelly
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  46. Kevin
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  47. Erin
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  48. Phillis
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  49. Toby
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  50. Oscar
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  51. Meredith
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  52. Stanley
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  53. Darryl
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  54. 99 other cast members
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  55. 99 other shows (Parks and Rec)
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  56. 99 other shows (GoT)
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  57. 99 other shows (Breaking Bad)
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  58. Politics
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  59. Religion
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  60. Lust
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  61. Gluttony
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  62. Greed
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  63. Sloth
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  64. Wrath
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  65. Envy
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  66. Pride
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  67. Wondering what's in the box
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  68. Finding out what's in the box
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  69. Science
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  70. NE Ohio water issues (@neorsd)
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  71. Shits
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  72. Giggles
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  73. Pete's sake
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  74. All or our sakes
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  75. Magnets
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  76. Winks
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  77. Blinks
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  78. Gags
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  79. Cringes
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  80. Boredom
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  81. Beauty
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  82. Lipstick days
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  83. Excitement
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  84. Madness
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  85. Questionable list items
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  86. Trending topics
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  87. TMI
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  88. We're worth it
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  89. It's Friday
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  90. We'll just keep asking until it happens
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  91. Because
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  92. Lists
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  93. Lists
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  94. Lists
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  95. Lists
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  96. Lists
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  97. Millions and millions of beautiful, wonderful, quirky, sad, happy, glad, slutty, hilarious lists
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  98. Don't make us make a scene...
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  99. (Mic drop) 🎤
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