This is list one of many, but should give you a place to start building from @Meatball
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    Say you're out on the town as a lonely French Fry and decide you could use some friends...
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    Step 1: Download Adobe Photoshop Mix
    There are lots of great app options, this is just one. Adobe Photoshop Mix by Adobe https://appsto.re/us/2PcX0.i
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    Step 2: Take a selfie
    Like a boss
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    Step 3: Open the selfie in Photoshop Mix
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    Step 4: Crop the photo as desired
  6. β€’
    Step 5: Use the Cut Out tool to select the parts you want to keep or erase
    There is an add / subtract switch on the left
  7. β€’
    Step 6: Don't forget important parts
    (Like arms)
  8. β€’
    Step 7: Add a feathered edge so your cut out blends better
    Pro tip: Hold down Feather to adjust intensity (you want a little as it helps you blend but not a ton or you'll look like a ghost meal)
  9. β€’
    Step 8: Find some super friends
    So many choices...
  10. β€’
    Step 9: add them as a second layer and adjust their size so the proportion looks right
    (notice how arms are cut off = poorly adjusted)
  11. β€’
    Step 10: Save photo and celebrate mega happy fun times!
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    Bonus tip: To make it look even more legit, take it in to your favorite photo app and add filters.
    Let the fun begin! 🍾🍾🍾