Inspired by @vmacies
  1. All new applicants must first pass the entrance exam containing the following questions:
  2. 1) Aunt Jemima: Romanticized portrayal of antebellum plantation life or female Uncle Tom?
    Answer: super racist appropriation of culture to sell shitty sugar water
  3. 2) Name the three grades of maple syrup?
    Grade A, Processing Grade, Substandard shit
  4. 3) Flavored syrup is: a) disgusting, b) delicious, c) corn syrup crap
    Anything but b
  5. After successful completion of the entrance exam, yearly dues of $25 are required – which will be put toward future club gatherings and acquiring maple syrup for less fortunate families in nearby chapter neighborhoods.
  6. Club rules:
  7. Syrup tastes best when it's shared
  8. When in doubt, get syrup out
  9. Life's to short to eat crappy syrup
  10. Syrup onto others as they would syrup onto you
  11. Put that good shit on everything
  12. Anytime is syrup time