I Can't Believe We Still Have ______ in 2016:

ADD ON! 👍🏻 Good or bad. *Non-political, please*
  1. Bad cellphone service
  2. Bad WiFi, No public WiFi, to pay for WiFi
    Coffee Shops. Hotels. Airports, etc. I will vote for whichever presidential candidate who promises free WiFi everywhere.✊🏻
  3. SODA
    /pop. I seriously don't understand how people can drink this poison (without alcohol at least)!!!!!!!
  4. Cigarettes
    C'mon you guys.
  5. Vaping
    But I'm glad, if not only for this single photo.
  6. Britney Spears
    Good for her, I guess!
  7. Jennifer Lopez
    Pls stop.
  8. $5 Dasani Water at amusement parks, airports, concerts
    I'd rather dehydrate TBH.
  9. People Getting Catfished
  10. Cher
    We are so blessed for this one.