My neighbors seems to think our Neighborhood Watch listserv is a receptacle for every errant thought. Here are the titles of some of the most recent posts, which vastly outnumber posts about actual crime.
  1. Cannot wait till it rains!
  2. Looking for a nanny
  3. Teen car wash
  4. Solid wood rocking chair for sale
  5. Free kitten!
  6. Need a car
  7. Looking for a Murphy Wall Bed
    (Seriously, have none of these people heard of Craigslist?)
  8. Drone
    ("Did you lose a drone? It crash landed on my doorstep.")
  9. Authentic Michael Kors tan satchel
    ("On sale today only. $40!!!")
  10. German students coming to town
  11. BOOM! 🎉❗️❗️
    ("Fireworks are starting.")