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  1. The driver of the silver Subaru on who always battles me for street parking on my block
    Btw your "WATCH OUT! Asian girl at the wheel" bumper sticker is shitty
  2. The oven in my apartment that never turns off
    Constantly humming along at a toasty 250°
  3. The wind tunnel at the crosswalk behind Gate 2 on the NBC lot
    I just want to walk from the parking structure to the Coffee Bean without being swept off to Oz
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  1. It was July 2011 and my family went to New York for a family vacation with the sole purpose of seeing Regis & Kelly because it was Reeg's last season
    And I fucking LOVE REGIS PHILBIN. I wanted to see him live and in person before he retired and probably croaked #RIPinadvance.
  2. So we went to the studio every day at 5:30am and waited in line to see if we'd make the standby cutoff
  3. And the first two days, we did not
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Inspired by @jessknuckey✨ and me I guess 👹 ft. my first business trip to Scotland, fall semester of my senior year at Pitt, and a whole lot of angst
  1. Edinburgh ft. @stevecady who is highkey obsessed w me
    Guys I really thought this was a KNOCKOUT photo
  2. I stand by this one tbh
    A different filter, sure but a well framed photo
  3. I stand by this one too
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Everyone was bad at Instagram until, like, 2014 and I am going to PROVE IT
  1. Was already lit in 2011 but no ❤️ so does it even matter?!
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
  2. Hahaha!
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
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  1. This photo
  2. He wrote a song about Philadelphia aka about my mom probably
  3. My mom was super enthusiastic about me taking piano lessons
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lol I'm not gonna be able to finish this all at once so it's gonna go live and then I guess I'll probably delete in the morning bc fuck me if I don't want to publish something immediately right?
  1. In all honesty, I haven't been very active around here for a while
  2. I used to feel really passionate about this community and this platform because it felt like a really unique place, where creativity was celebrated
  3. I met some of the best people I know on this dumb app. I've made some super positive changes in my life because of this app
    I wrote a sappy ass list about it once, which I would link out to but I can't because I can't fucking save a draft anymore
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Inspired by @jessknuckey
  1. Okay so I guess it's just me, @michael_circa91, @drugs, and @jellybean on the cutest, most scandalous double date ever
    Jimmi can come too if he wants
  2. We sit at the same table for dinner, but communicate solely through Instagram DM and Snapchats
  3. Topics of discussion include:
    Hot guys, list app drama, fan fiction, embarrassing ourselves on the Internet, crushes, Riverdale, hot girls, everyone we hated in high school, the long term implications of the current political climate, hot guys, Chelsea's puppy, hot guys
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  1. Wearing athleisure everywhere
    I love this trend but it's kinda weird?
  2. Clickbait headlines
    Eventually we have to stop being fooled by "You Won't Believe What Happened Next!!!" right? Please?
  3. Being obsessed with keeping our phones charged
    Phone batteries will be immortal by then, I'm assuming, and we'll LOL heartily at pictures of ourselves with charging cords sticking out of our pockets
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He was at the same bar as me and my friends except WE called ahead to reserve a room and HE thought that his "celebrity" entitled him to JOIN OUR PARTY
  1. GET OUT
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Inspired by @stevecady
  1. Bless up
  2. I want to look like this filter always
  3. @ltoiaivao gettin glam for the Grammys
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