10 Photos From My First Year On Instagram

Inspired by @jesszaffino✨ and me I guess 👹 ft. my first business trip to Scotland, fall semester of my senior year at Pitt, and a whole lot of angst
  1. Edinburgh ft. @stevecady who is highkey obsessed w me
    Guys I really thought this was a KNOCKOUT photo
  2. I stand by this one tbh
    A different filter, sure but a well framed photo
  3. I stand by this one too
  4. #tbt when our landlord found out we were going to throw a massive party in our backyard so they bulldozed the entire lawn and filled it with gravel to try and ruin our plans but instead we threw a BIGGER PARTY ON THE NEW GRAVEL LOT and I got to stand on a chair and be security and kick out freshmen and people I didn't like
    Still a bad gram tho
  5. "Look y'all, I run!!!!!! Be impressed!!!!!!" - the entire point of this post
    Also lol that my calves were two different sizes thx bad rowing form 2009-2013!!!!!!
  6. Being evangelized to at the Mobil station on Forbes
  7. @ItsKP lmao savage
  8. I'm crying @ this schedule lmao no wonder I had a nervous breakdown 3 months later
  9. I was a formidable TA
  10. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤