1. V few trolls
    Except Michael Circa 91
  2. All content in one place for the most part
    I fucking hate searching for Twitter threads
  3. Many petty feuds end with the parties still proclaiming their undying love for each other
    In my experience anyway
  4. Higher character limit
    For more verbose shade
  5. List format is more conducive to laying out full arguments than multiple tweets
    Same as above but slightly different
  6. You can participate in them even if you're private
    People can't see locked tweets if they don't follow you!!! Everyone on List App can see your comments unless you blocked them!
  7. The conversations and "feuds" are normally at a higher plane of thinking
    Even Tarongate™ 2K16 was well reasoned on the part of all parties
  8. List App is just all around better than Twitter?
  9. So are all the users??? And community in general????
  10. @lesbian will almost always chime in on List App
    But she deleted the Twitter app soooooo