100 YEARS OF LI.ST (1999) 🕰

Inspired by @jakebrandman // SUBTITLE: "Thoughts from My Neighbor's Y2K Bunker" (see all: 100 YEARS OF LI.ST: THE COMPENDIUM!!!!! 🎉🕰🎉 )
  1. December 31, 1999, 11:50pm
  2. I'm writing one last entry in my diary before my neighbor makes us turn all the lights out
  3. This has been a kinda weird year overall.
  4. And I'm not even just talking about fucking Shakespeare in Love winning the Oscar although really what is that all about?
    Although Gwyneth Paltrow is honestly a national treasure and she and Ben Affleck should be crowned king and queen of America now that they're (FINALLY!) back together
  5. I mean after all that uproar over President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, he didn't get impeached? Are we still supposed to be mad at him? I'm so confused
    His poor wife. I hope her decision to stay with him doesn't bite her in the ass in the future because honestly I think it's super brave and admirable?
  6. And then Columbine happened. I mean who does that? Who shoots their own classmates at school?
    Everyone is saying this is gonna open a dialogue but I legitimately can't see anything like this ever happening again I mean it's just so tragic! This has got to make people spring into action over gun laws
  7. Plus that whole war in Kosovo was so sad. I can't imagine what it would be like to be attacked in your own country.
    I'm so grateful to live in a country that isn't occupying anywhere else. It seems so horrible and complicated.
  8. But it wasn't all bad. We got a new Star Wars movie!
    Everyone says it was bad but like hello? Ewan MacGregor? Yes PLEASE
  9. And the U.S. Womens Team won the World Cup!
    I swear, women's soccer is gonna be bigger than baseball in this country if they keep this up!
  10. And I still don't really get all the hype over 2000. Something about our computers?
    Ronnie's dad wouldn't even let us being our Tamagotchis over because he said they could spark if they short out but like if I'm being honest I feel super guilty about leaving it in my room
  11. Oh wait okay I just asked Ronnie's dad and he said we have to stay down here until after midnight because all the computers are going to revert back to January 1, 1900 because they can't recognize 00 as 2000
  12. Which like honestly doesn't even make sense because computers aren't time machines? It's not like we're going to be Magic Treehouse'd back to the Victorian era just because the dates don't work?
    But Ronnie's dad said everything runs on computers and that if the dates stop working, then everything will crash which okay whatever
  13. As long as Oregon Trail still works, I'll honestly be fine
    They can have Type to Learn though ugh
  14. Plus my dad just invested a bunch of money into Internet business so we're gonna be so rich in like 5 years
    He said its on the upswing and there's no way it's going to fail at least anytime soon
  15. Also do I have to call it Y2K or is it 2000? And is it "two thousand" or "twenty hundred"?
    Two thousand makes sense for now but in like 10 years we're gonna have to make a decision
  16. Oops 11:59 okay Ronnie's dad is turning out the lights. Wish us luck!
  17. PS if anything, I can't wait for people to stop ironically singing Prince's "1999"
    Like we have Napster now guys, we can download any song we want for free!