Inspired by @aus10 and in honor of one of my fave Internet pals @elliemce joining List App!!!
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    A newcomer to the List App but longtime occupant of my heart! One of the purest and most delightful souls I have ever encountered!
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    My IRL homie from Sunday School. Lists are always πŸ”₯ he will go down with this ship. This ho is LOYAL.
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    Another IRL homie!!! So funny! 1D af. Once told me a story about chasing a horse and buggy through Lancaster and it's still the best story I've ever heard
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    😻😻😻😻😻 Her List App hustle is unparalleled, as is her charm and beauty and grace and Bumble game. Probably my soulmate
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    So witty! Loves so many of the same things I do! Amazing hair!!!!
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    I think I love him (jk I know I do). Reaction pic game is strong which is obviously the number one quality I look for in a person
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    I respect his commitment to a theme and am wildly impressed at the consistent quality
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    I'm speechless. A true goddess. Maybe my most visited profile??? (Jk it definitely is). Responsible for probably 60% of my πŸ’Ύ lists)
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    Just the best. True List App champions. Godmothers of @thelistpodcast
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    List App glitched and deleted her before I published because her lists are too πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ her handle alone earns her a spot on this list. So. Fucking. Great.
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    Great lists! So nice and so sincere! Her lists always make me happy. Not my high school world civ teacher's daughter (at least we don't think)
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    So. Great. Her lists always make me laugh/cry, especially the ones about her kids! She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.
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    Consistently πŸ’― and hashtag relatable
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    Really good at backhanded compliments! I can't wait to slap his free coffee out of his hands one day!
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    Plus everyone on his list
    (For the sake of brevity I didn't repeat any of these in my own list but they all deserve their own entry as well as a solid gold chariot) @kaitmaree @stars @emily_elizabeth @p @stefaniiiii @ashlee @estherlimtf @biz @manda 10 PEOPLE I FOLLOW THAT YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ON LIST APP