1. Wearing athleisure everywhere
    I love this trend but it's kinda weird?
  2. Clickbait headlines
    Eventually we have to stop being fooled by "You Won't Believe What Happened Next!!!" right? Please?
  3. Being obsessed with keeping our phones charged
    Phone batteries will be immortal by then, I'm assuming, and we'll LOL heartily at pictures of ourselves with charging cords sticking out of our pockets
  4. Social media celebrities
    Someday we will lament the generation of slightly talented, conventionally attractive teenagers we let become Vine famous
  5. Rainbow highlighters
    The ones that make you look like a cool radiant beautifully lit alien goddess. They are cool now in the way that thin eyebrows and super glossy lips used to be in style.
  6. Rainbow food
    We need to start prepping answers for when our children ask us why we were all eating rainbow grilled cheese and bagels and
  7. Cracked phone screens
    Phone screens will be shatterproof by default and we'll tell our children they don't know how good they have it
  8. Debating whether or not racism still exists
  9. White feminism
  10. Repealing the ACA
  11. Rolling back protection of LGBTQ rights
  12. The steep rise in anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia
  13. #AllLivesMatter
  14. A lack of common sense gun laws in the wake of near-constant mass shootings
  15. The Wall
  16. Anti-refugee legislation and sentiments
  17. The Tr*mp administration as a whole
  18. Glitter parts
    Seriously who thought it was cool to glue craft glitter into the roots of your hair???