2. The live action Beauty & the Beast ends up being deeply disappointing
    But I sob through the whole thing anyway
  3. Taylor Swift tries to drop a "surprise album" Beyoncé style but can't handle not doing promo so she leaves too many clues that no one ends up being shocked
    It's lightly RnB influenced and she pretends it's revolutionary
  4. Star Wars: Episode VIII gets a sort of dumb name and people get their knickers in a twist
    But honestly it won't really be *that* bad
  5. UPDATE: I've seen mostly positive reactions so I'm wrong on this one
    (Fwiw I think it's a great title)
  6. A Hollywood "Goals™" couple divorces
    And we all announce again that LOVE IS DEAD as if it wasn't buried with Will Arnett and Amy Poehler
  7. A Kardashian gets married
    My money is on Kylie having a secret wedding
  8. 4 celebrity deaths that affect *me* profoundly
  9. 🏆SPORTS🏆
  10. Los Angeles doesn't get the 2024 Olympics for some dumb reason
  11. No Philadelphia sports championships
  12. Pitt gets out in the Sweet 16 round of March Madness
  13. 🇺🇸POLITICAL🇺🇸
  14. Gas prices are near $4 by the end of the year
  15. Trump cancels the White House Correspondents' Dinner
    OR they boycott. Idk but something's prob going down that night
  16. UPDATE: close I guess
  17. Some major diplomatic crisis that actually noticeably affects the American way of life
  18. At least one cabinet member is forced to resign
    But no presidential impeachment or resignation unfortch
  19. UPDATE: Gen Flynn says hi 👋🏻
  20. Some other darker shit I don't want to put online for fear of it coming true
  21. ✨PERSONAL✨
  22. No fewer than 4 parking tickets
  23. 10-12 of my friends get engaged
    I only get invited to 2 of the weddings though
  24. UPDATE: I'm already up to SIX ENGAGEMENTS and we are THIRTEEN DAYS IN
  25. 6 new travel destinations
    And several old haunts
  26. I kiss a boy I really like
  27. I kiss a boy I don't really like
  28. I'm on the job hunt by the end of the year
  29. I finally see @sondrelerche live
    Cya at the Troubadour (this one is cheating because I already know it's real) (also please play My Hands Are Shaking but also it's definitely very okay if you don't)
  30. Only 8/20 of these actually come true