Inspired by @jessicaz
  1. Static
  2. Okay so I guess it's just me, @michael_circa91, @drugs, and @jellybean on the cutest, most scandalous double date ever
    Jimmi can come too if he wants
  3. We sit at the same table for dinner, but communicate solely through Instagram DM and Snapchats
  4. Topics of discussion include:
    Hot guys, list app drama, fan fiction, embarrassing ourselves on the Internet, crushes, Riverdale, hot girls, everyone we hated in high school, the long term implications of the current political climate, hot guys, Chelsea's puppy, hot guys
  5. At some point, we all gang up on Michael probably and he vows to never put us in another Disney list again
    Probably when the three of us start talking about The Bachelor
  6. Everyone sees us having fun together on our snap stories and gets v jealous of how fun and cool we are
  7. I try to get everyone to go to karaoke afterwards but they're all like "oh whoops sorry yawn I'm so tired I can't tonight I have to wash my hair my dog is sick I have to pick up my dry cleaning :/"
  8. We all wake up a lil hungover because we got drunk without realizing it