1. I dreamt that List App just disappeared overnight
    Not just from the App Store either. Like it was pulled off of all of our devices remotely. Apparently there was a copyright issue so they had to remove all traces of it
  2. The whole thing was literally just gone
    All our lists, drafts, and followers. Just poof ✨💨
  3. We were all tweeting @bjnovak and @dev frantically
  4. @amber and I were texting each other in full crisis mode
  5. I was freaking out about it to all my IRL friends and they didn't care one bit
    This is the only accurate part of this dream
  6. List App became this Internet cult sensation
    So many thinkpieces were written about this ghost Internet colony and there were a ton of conspiracy theories about why it got pulled down. Was it just a social experiment????
  7. It was suddenly very cool to have been on List App before it disappeared
    (Not that it's not cool now!!! But it was just like officially A Thing™)
  8. And then I woke up and listed about the nightmare
  9. Then I woke up FOR REAL and realized I had Inception-listed
    About a dream within a dream
  10. Moral of the story: don't go back to sleep after your alarm goes off