Your OTP coming back atcha for another episode!
  1. Episode 3 is live y'all!
  2. On this ep, we go back to basics and @brimattia patiently attempts to turn me into a fan of The 1975 while I expose myself as an old closed-minded hag who can't understand millennial pop stars
  3. I would normally do a preview of the pod, but I want to use this list to shout out my partner in crime and ALL CAPS executive producer @brimattia
  4. Who takes 3-5 hours worth of audio and cuts it down to a more manageable 45 minute nugget of quality content every week
  5. Do you know how hard it is to take my word vomit and make me sound NOT like a nightmare????? It's harder than it sounds (depending on how much you value and enjoy my voice) and she does it so well
  6. And this week she did that all while also:
  7. 1) Packing up her apartment
  8. 2) Graduating from college
  9. 3) Entertaining her parents
  10. 4) Living her day to day life
  11. 5) Taking care of her physical, mental, and emotional health
  12. She regularly texts me at all hours of the day while she is editing our podcast in order to get it up on time even when we record late in the week and she ends up having to stay up until 2am cutting and splicing sound bites so I don't accidentally end up in prison for talking shit on the Internet
  13. No literally guys, my only production credit is talking to her over Skype, writing prep sheets in Google Drive, and occasionally making sound clips in iTunes. Everything else is Bri. She's an angel and honestly maybe a genius
  14. She's the best and deserves to get paid so someone please hire her
  15. I love you bb Bri. Happy graduation 👏🏼🎓✨