Haaaaaa young girls are soooo stupid and shallow and nothing they enjoy could ever occupy an elite space!
  1. Los Angeles Times
    A lot of fancy words to say, "if we dehumanize young women with enough rhetoric, we can make the things that appeal to them seem worthless!"
  2. Boston Globe
    Ugh what a scourge upon music those mop-headed Brits ended up being, huh? They fucking ruined everything
  3. Newsweek
    "The odds are that they will fade away, as most adults confidently predict" SEE KIDS, ADULTS ARE ALWAYS CORRECT ABOUT THE VALUE OF THINGS YOU LIKE!!
  4. New York Times
    Haaaaa children, right??
  5. Chicago Tribune / Hartford Courant
    Those dang Beatles must be a joke, right??!
  6. Boston Globe
    Yeah little girls, enjoy this weird dumb band while you can!!! Soon they'll be washed up! Let's make sure to add that they'll be bald soon to further drive home the idea that these silly broads only like this band because they're cute!
  7. Science Newsletter
    That silly boyband went the way of other flashes-in-the-pan, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.