Best Hillary Clinton Reaction GIFs

I compiled my original Hillary reaction library list pre-GIF support and I feel obligated to finish what I started. Original list: BEST HILLARY CLINTON REACTION PICS
  1. You cannot be serious
  2. I literally don't know what you want me to do
  3. The fact that I have to deal with u makes my blowout fall flat
  4. Yeah I know you know
  5. Yes no please continue I'm riveted
  6. (This one is just me in every situation)
    Just ask @brimattia
  7. Exhausted by ur ignorance
  8. Still exhausted by ur ignorance and also all the yelling???
  9. Ur ignorance is still exhausting and now you're wrinkling my pantsuit
  10. And some static images I left out before:
  11. Hold it right there just a minute young man
  12. Stop trying me
  13. I would say it but I'm not gonna
  14. I literally do not understand how you function as a human being on the planet Earth
  15. Did I ask?
  17. Sry I can't see you, did you say something?
  18. I mean idk what to tell you
  19. Who r u and why r u speaking to me
  20. Tfw you're gonna be the first female major party nominee for president of the United States and it's gonna be hard as fuck on your way there but you've been preparing for it since you could say the word "legislation" so u know ur gonna be just fine