Follow up to my insanely long OG reaction pic list (FAVORITE REACTION PICS, VOL. I) Hillz has her own folder because gf serves it the fuck up
  1. You can't be serious
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  2. Watch your mouth
    D48a7ce7 14b7 4fd3 9263 5fef241b5868
  3. You've gotta be fucking kidding me
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  4. You've GOTTA be fucking kidding me
    1a8a49ae 40be 4055 934f f7e955f3ffa8
  5. Don't be ridiculous
    8e82775c 5e21 4a15 a0e4 10430b536d55
    A059ea7d dce4 434a 90dd 5928f7b73df4
  7. Why are you still talking
    421d91ca 0db7 4520 9659 c21cab6f2b88
  8. I see you from here, bruh
    19c3d162 6a10 4a7d 8584 29d8d0f937ad
  9. What can I say?
    Dc491cee e5e3 4d4d 8c14 b3ddba739b7a
  10. Tf did I just read
    4c2dbe5a 545f 45bd bdc3 3cab761b97ab
  11. But that's none of my business
    9d72de83 40d2 498e 8194 7f38ed747bd6
  12. *sips tea*
    17750b01 9f20 415f 8a1d 5d0233285bfd
    187a2672 f8d8 4135 85e5 5f92c1fa5b0a
  14. So fab
    13a9bcb0 bcae 4d56 99bd 4d10af25f159
  15. You're so welcome
    2cc09785 9a33 4e03 a48d a2cdeab5fc5b
  16. Presidential af
    649e7423 1844 427c b305 716bbd0e7a91
  17. SHUT. UP.
    D706b6d7 d4bf 419c bc08 86d139bdb6e0
  18. Yeah, okay
    3a078921 6e0c 4350 b518 b372d9634ba0
    A187cc90 4a8e 411d b05c 6b1e97c02a41
  20. Hehehhehehe
    687fa28f 853d 4919 b226 d897e06a3afc
  21. Shots!!!!
    0edc25d9 5b58 4ff0 9628 e48ff77091b1
  22. Me af
    6a04b2e2 6193 432d 9891 c79b85a07020
    I use this to announce my arrival into a conversation