Please send your most Insta-worthy motivational nuggets because I have 10,000 things to do in the next 12 hours and 28 minutes before I leave for LA for 12 days and I am literally paralyzed right now because I'm so overwhelmed by it all and laying on the floor listening to Take Me Home and crying isn't going to fix anything apparently PLEASE HELP
  1. (PS blocking anyone who tells me to make a list)
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  3. and basically all Kid President videos
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  4. A very Jerry kinda answer
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  5. Snapshot of someone's IG post
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  6. 💕
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  11. My little cousin was really scared of my dog but he really wanted to pet him. Here he is swallowing his fear and being so brave and getting through it just like I know you can and will. You are strong and brave and fearless and beautiful.
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  12. You got this!❤️
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  13. We can't wait to meet you (or see you again?:) whether you get everything done or not!!!💕☀️✌🏼️
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  14. Absorb all the awesomeness from this picture and use its power to be awesome!
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  15. Hoe if you'on't getcho ass up
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