I do a lot of non-digital writing and I am an absolute nightmare about which pens I use. I'm super fussy but also poor, so you can trust these suggestions. All of these come with a 10/10 recommendation and all other pens are garbage, case closed end of story. ELEVATE UR WRITING, BABES. DON'T SETTLE.
  1. Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip Ballpoint, Fine Point
    I will use other ballpoint pens if I absolutely have to, but these are the only ones I ever want to use. I'm very fussy about it. The fine point is non-negotiable. It limits the amount of ink produced which reduces smudging and makes everything look generally neater. Important when you have to write small! I have at least 3 of these on me at all times and I get four boxes of these every year for Christmas (2 blue, 2 black - sometimes a red if I'm feeling *WiLd*)
  2. Pilot Precise V7 Needle Rollerball, Fine Point
    I just love these. They make everything look clean and official. I love the way they write
  3. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker
    These write on ANYTHING but are always legible. My beef with standard tip markers is that they can get smudgy and illegible, but these stay consistent and neat. I love them with my whole heart
  4. Pentel Rolling Writer, Medium Point
    These always make me feel fancy for some reason. YES I AM A ROLLING WRITER, THANKS PENTEL. ROLL ON
  5. Pilot G-2 Retractable Gel-Ink, Fine/Medium Point
    These I save for things that require a little more weight or permanence than any ballpoint pen can provide. They're kind of smudgy which forces me to take my time and really pay attention to what I'm writing. I like that
  6. Paper Mate Flair Felt-Tip, Medium Point
    I always have a box of these in green, but I love them in all colors. They are so fun and PERFECT for color coordinating calendars/planners/notes