I am the only one who cares about this list
  1. Static
    Beyoncé, queen of everything in this universe and all beyond it
  2. Static
    Her long lost Tongan daughter, Dinah Jane Hansen of multiplatinum girl band Fifth Harmony
  3. Static
  4. Static
    Dinah Jane
  5. Static
    Dinah Jane
  6. Static
  7. Static
    Dinah Jane
  8. Static
    Beyoncé on stage
  9. Static
    Dinah Jane on stage
  10. Static
    Dinah Jane in a black, military-inspired bodysuit
  11. Static
    Beyoncé in a Black Panther-inspired bodysuit
  12. Static
    Dinah Jane
  13. Static
  14. Static
    Beyoncé in white lace
  15. Static
    Dinah Jane in white lace
  16. Static
    Beyoncé au naturelle
  17. Static
    Dinah Jane au naturelle
  18. Static
    Dinah Jane with a deep side part and an LBD
  19. Static
    Beyoncé with a deep side part and LBD
  20. Static
    Dinah Jane with awful color contacts
  21. Static
    Beyoncé with "digitally enhanced" eyes
  22. Static
    Dinah Jane and her ride or die Normani
  23. Static
    Beyoncé and her ride or die Nicki
  24. Static
    Beyoncé and her backup dancers
  25. Static
    Dinah Jane with her backup dancers I mean bandmates
  26. Static
    Red filtered music video Dinah Jane
  27. Static
    Red filtered music video Beyoncé
  28. Static
    Dinah Jane or Beyoncé in the early 00s?
  29. Static
    Hilary Duff (h/t: @aprilkquioh)
  30. Static
  31. Static
    Still not sure (they say it's Dinah Jane but who knows for sure anymore)
  32. Static
    Can anyone be sure?
  33. Static
    Really and truly sure?
  34. Static
    In this day and age?
  35. Static
    I mean
  36. Static
  37. Static
  38. Static
  39. Static
    God gave us Beyoncé, queen of the cosmos
  40. Static
    And made Dinah Jane her understudy