And the fact that we have to remind the world of that is revolting
  1. I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said in a more eloquent and concise fashion by many others on this app and in the larger world outside our little bubble
  2. And I've been waiting until I could find the right words to say. I've been trying to amplify black voices by retweeting and relisting their words in the place of mine. But I recognize that that's not enough.
  3. So this is me stating clearly: black lives matter.
  4. And if you disagree with the semantics of that statement, then ask yourself why word choice is more important to you than showing solidarity with a community disproportionately affected by violence.
  5. I recognize that sometimes we, the unoppressed, say things we think are supportive but are mostly to feel like we are supportive. Like we spoke up.
  6. And to an extent, maybe that's a good start.
  7. But I read a really great article about "ally theater" that put it into perspective:
  8. And this one about how to be a good ally (in the wake of Justin Timberlake's idiotic tweets):
  9. Let's stop tapping POC on the shoulder to make sure they heard us be "tolerant". Stop performing allyship and just fucking do it.
  10. Call your representatives.
  11. Donate to the GoFundMes.
  12. Call out bigotry and racism when you see it.
    And guess what! You can do this without making a big show of it so that everyone can see you being a human being! You don't have to screenshot your comments to your awful racist cousin and parade them around in spaces where people are coming to mourn, to comfort each other, and to express their own emotions free from the critical eye of their oppressors!!!!!!
  13. And most importantly, listen. Absorb. Provide support without inserting yourself into the conversation.
  14. We hear you.
  15. We support you.
  16. We love you.
  17. We will do better.