None of these earned me a beta invite for this app tho so it's all been for naught
  1. 2002 - Commercial for local Volvo dealership
    Riiiight at the peak of my awkward phase. My only line was "cool" and I was still rocking a center part and braces. Luckily it only aired on local cable channels so only two of my classmates ever saw it.
  2. November 2009 - Extra in "Love and Other Drugs"
    Except they cut my scene. But I got to sit and stare at Jake Gyllenhaal for two hours and eat from craft services. Also, I literally ran into Anne Hathaway but that's another whole thing (she wasn't thrilled)
  3. July 2013 - Mocked on air by Q102
    Because I requested "Miss Movin On" at the age of 22. They made fun of me on air and then DIDN'T EVEN PLAY THE FUCKING SONG. Harmonizers were up in arms on Twitter for approx. 15 minutes
  4. July 2014 - MTV Fan Tribute with Fifth Harmony
    This was a whole thing but you can just watch the video (also met @kaitlynvella briefly and she was cool)
  5. October 2014 - Filmed an episode of "The Legend of Shelby"
    This was a reality show on The History Channel that was cancelled before my episode ever aired. But hey, at least I got to spend 3 days in scenic Pontchatoula, Louisiana!!!!!!!!! Lol jk there was no cell service and I cried myself to sleep every night. Pontchy deserves its own list
  6. Summer 2015 - Background graphics of Fifth Harmony's Summer Reflection Tour
    Footage from the aforementioned MTV video was briefly displayed during their performance of "Brave Honest Beautiful". Found myself in lots of GIFsets on Tumblr and this Vine
  7. August 2015 - Mentioned in BuzzFeed article about Tinder
  8. October 16, 2015 - @jakebrandman mentioned me in his Fast Friends Friday list.
  9. HONORABLE MENTION: August 2011 - My dad danced on Live with Regis and Kelly (Obviously this isn't me but it was too good to not include)