I have a great personality, guys. Also, a vivid imagination and a healthy self esteem. (Ranked by how ultimately successful I assume our relationship would be, ascending.) (***images reflect what I imagine their facial expressions would be if they ever read this list)
  1. Miles Teller - 19%
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    His hometown is within a 15-mile radius of mine and even though he moved away like 15 years ago, I still think there's a chance we could run into each other at a bar. It would end badly because we likely have very little in common. Hopefully we would stay friends but probably not
  2. Ed Sheeran - 47%
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    We would bond over our shared love of dive bars and hip hop music. The lion tat would probably throw me off a lil and we'd have to agree to disagree on the cat vs dog argument. But the last straw would be when he somehow finds my angry open letter RE: TSwift's "22" on Tumblr and I refuse to apologize for saying mean things about her in 2013 (even though I prob would have met her by then and discovered she's a lovely person). We reconnect once he cools down, and check in every once in awhile.
  3. Matt McGorry - 71%
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    We would have the funniest Twitter exchanges, and the best chats about feminism. We would joke a lot about our similar last names and pretend we were related when we met new people, and then kiss passionately just to freak them out. We would learn a lot from each other, but ultimately we would decide we were just better off as friends and remain close for life.
  4. Chris Evans - 84%
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    He said in a interview once that he liked girls with big butts who wore sweatpants and went out with wet hair so of course I immediately assumed he was talking about me, a person who he has never and will likely never meet. Still think he was, tbh. We could maybe be endgame but the Boston-Philly sports rivalry would be a lot for me to handle and sometimes I get rude about sports so the big test of our relationship would be whether or not that scared him off.
  5. Niall Horan - 500%
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    When I was in London, I had a hyper realistic dream that I saw him at a pub and bought him a beer (I was real casual about it tho) and one thing led to another. It was legit so realistic that when I woke up, I actually checked my phone to see if I still had his number. Because I've spent so much time and energy on 1D, I have had ample opportunity to project some serious armchair psychology on him and I am unwaveringly confident that it would all wrk out.