Requested by @aus10
  1. University of Pittsburgh
    When I was a sophomore in high school, I visited my cousin on campus at Pitt and immediately felt a very calm sense of being exactly where I was supposed to be. So I made up my mind two years before I even applied. I applied on September 25th and was notified of my acceptance on October 8th. We spent 4 blissful years together and I still love my school like a huge sap
  2. Penn State University
    My parents forced me to pick a backup and PSU sent me an application fee waiver so I applied there. The worst part was that they didn't send me my acceptance until December and my parents made me wait to hear back until I could send Pitt my deposit
  3. Washington & Jefferson
    Honestly this was just for fun because everyone else was stressing over applications in study hall so I filled one out online. They ended up offering me a presidential scholarship worth like $40K but it was still more expensive than Pitt so I didn't go oh well
  4. Places I Always Thought I Would Apply:
    Yale, Notre Dame, NYU, William & Mary, Boston University, Penn, Georgetown
  5. Why I Didn't Apply Any of Those Places:
    My test scores and grades were probably good enough to get in at least a few of those places, maybe none of them. But probably at least a few. Much to my parents' chagrin, once I had already had that crazy feeling about Pitt, it felt like a waste of money to apply to all these prestigious schools just to find out if I was good enough for them when I knew I would ultimately turn them down. So I decided to not spend $80 a pop to get rejected from places I had already rejected.