I know we all (?) get huffy over the to/two/too/your/you're/than/then debacles, but these are the seemingly innocent misuses that make me want to fling myself off a cliff. And yes, that says WAY more about me than anyone who makes these mistakes. This is the bitchiest list I will ever write I'm so sorry everyone
  1. "_____ and I's"
    Why why whyyywyywhwy WHYYY hearing/reading this makes me physically uncomfortable ugh why can't you just use "and my" or a good ol' collective "our" instead of this abomination?????
  2. Apart vs a part
    ^^^see impassioned FB status for details
  3. Adding an apostrophe to a non-possessive plural
    If one more person refers to my family as "The McGarry's" instead of just the McGarrys I'm gonna lose my damn mind WHY
  4. "Babby" instead of baby
    Are you fucking kidding me with this one guys?? I have seen grown adults with jobs consistently use babby instead of baby and I don't understand???? BABBY???? What is this????
  5. Rogue apostrophes anywhere
    Oh my god world PLEASE learn when to use an apostrophe it is literally so easy????? I have threatened to walk out of establishments that post signs with improper apostrophe usage.
  6. "Woah" instead of whoa
    Oh my god this drives me crazy for absolutely no reason but I legitimately want to call the cops every time I see "woah" anywhere.
  7. "Sneak peak"
  8. "Legitly"
    Legit is short for "legitmately" which is already an adverb? So you could just use that instead???? I'm so confused by this
  9. "Definately/defiantly" instead of definitely
    I understand "definately" more because I can see that being confusing but doesn't autocorrect pick it up? Do you just see that red dotted line and think "whoops Siri must be a fucking moron" and leave it?? I'm seriously about to break out in hives looking at that red line right now because I want to fix it DAMN.
  10. "Wierd" instead of weird
    See above
  11. Not using an Oxford comma
    I don't understand why you wouldn't use one?????? It only serves to clarify tbh, you can't make something MORE confusing with an Oxford comma.
  12. "Wah la" instead of voilà
    This is so nitpicky and unnecessary (aren't all of these?) but I truly cannot stand seeing "WAH LA!!!!" written out. I legitimately thought it was a battle cry like "ooh rah" or something
  13. Excessive punctuation (or lack thereof) for effect
    LOL jk
  14. "Sneak peak" instead of sneak peek
    Y'all talking about a stealthy mountain or an early preview?