Because we all know every single one of these chicks could blow Aurora out of the water.
  1. Wendy
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    My favorite Disney character. The only character in Peter Pan who isn't completely useless and charmless. Puts up with Peter
  2. Megara
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    Has the best signature song in the Disney catalog. Puts up with actual lunk Hercules
  3. Nala
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    Already a queen, right!? Puts up with angsty Simba
  4. Jessie
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    Runs shit in Andy's toy box. Puts up with Woody
  5. Esmeralda
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    Refuses to be slut shamed. Is nice to everyone. HANGS OUT WITH A GOAT!! Puts up with Quasimodo AND Phillipe
  6. Jane
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    Is doing ACTUAL SCIENCE!!! Puts up with wild man child Tarzan and "civilized" man child Clayton
  7. Bianca
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    Is a mouse. WHO RESCUES PEOPLE. Puts up with Bernard
  8. Marie
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    Already feels diva-ish enough to be a princess. Puts up with her bro kittens
  9. Perdita
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    Gave birth to ONE HUNDRED ONE PUPPIES. Puts up with Pongo (EDIT: @gidgetteagogo kindly pointed out that she only gave birth to 15 of the puppies and they rescued 84 more...but dang still!!)