Req'd by @keira👯
  1. LOOK at this masterpiece
  2. And how cautious Zayn is
    He looks at Niall like he's a fragile bird!!!! Ziall is so real y'all
  3. And Harry's complete lack of emotion
    Which is weird because he is standing in between Zayn and Niall and like?????? Do you think he's feeling the sexual tension???
  4. How zen Niall looks
    Gives zero fucks that he could plunge to his death or at least minor injury at any moment
  5. And Liam's dumb face
  6. And Louis's general unhelpfulness
    Poor lil guy probably got pushed out by Liam The Hulk Payne
  7. Again, would like to reiterate how concerned Zayn is for his baby boy Niall
  8. And how gently he holds his baby boy Niall
  9. And how EFFORTLESSLY this dumb boy is held up by two other boys who appear to be fairly unfazed by the fact that they are supporting the weight of a GROWN MAN
    Sry Louis but you were of literally no help
  10. But if you look closely you can see Haz flexing
    Look at that tan ass bicep
  11. How is this even a pose they chose in a photo shoot???
    Why are they so fucking weird?????
  12. Please print this on my gravestone