Meaning I woke up, still believed they happened, and subsequently told people about in the morning. So the first thing they heard upon waking up was a damn lie.
  1. Smokey Robinson died
    That was last night. I told my parents and they were like "why do you know that if it's not on the news????"
  2. Dana Carvey agreeing to come to my monologue show
    Earlier this week. I told one of my improv teammates and she was like "what??? That's not true you don't know him???"
  3. My college boyfriend breaking up with me
    Four years ago. I woke up next to him and was so furious guys it was a fucking SIGHT
  4. Chris Evans giving me his number in a pub
    SIGH this was 2 years ago when I was in London. I told my college roommate that I met Chris Evans in London and she was like "no you didn't it was a dream oh my fucking god why are you still like this????"