I am not good at taking selfies. I always get too close and catch weird angles or only half of my silly face but such is life. STILL CUTE THO. EVERYONE SHOW ME YO SELFIES. LEMME SEE YO FACES.
  1. Taken to capture my first listen of Fifth Harmony's debut album (I cried, okay?)
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  2. Taken in @alliebeingallie's yellow VW bug on the way to OTRA Boston
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  3. Taken for an unknown reason but I love it. Very much encapsulates my whole deal
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  4. Taken in a New Orleans bar and sent to my best friend to convince her to get me another drink while she was up (she DID NOT)
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  5. Taken mid-Lush mask to prove I was using aforementioned best friend's Christmas gift and I really thought the green brought out my natural Shrek
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  6. Taken when my friend sent me a pic of her new puppy. I make this face at every baby and dog I see and it's ALWAYS A HIT with that demographic
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  7. Taken when me and my dog were both too hungover to watch the Emmys at 8pm
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  8. Taken on a night when my right eyebrow and lipstick looked good and I wanted to document it plus I was feeling dramatic af so I went black and white
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  9. HONORABLE MENTION: squad goals
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