Req'd by @alexim 😘
  1. Josh Lyman
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    Aaron Sorkin made Bradley Whitford into a sex symbol on a show where Rob Lowe was supposed to be the star. This is nothing short of a miracle and I am still obsessed with this pompous, semi-tortured problematic cinnamon roll.
  2. Dr. Aaron Conners
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    Okay this could just be because I love Bill Hader, but his character is truly a dreamboat. Also, someone recently told me I reminded him of Schumer which solidified the fact that Dr. Aaron Conners and I would be perfect together
  3. Jim Halpert
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    Extremely self-explanatory. Jim is perfect and I got so mad at Pam for not dumping Roy the moment she met Jim UGH OMG REMEMBER THE TEAPOT CHRISTMAS GIFT?????? Jim I love ya
  4. Michael Moscovitz
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    The book version though. I relate SO STRONGLY to how neurotic and emotional Mia Thermopolis is, and I admired how well he balanced her out (plus he sounds HAWT).
  5. Matt Saracen
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    Oh man who didn't love Saracen?? Julie Taylor is trash and I can't believe he was trapped under her spell.
  6. Capt. Georg Von Trapp
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    WHAT A FUCKING STUD!!! I love stern Capt. Von Trapp, giggly Capt. Von Trapp, terrible father Capt. Von Trapp, rebelling against the Nazis Capt. Von Trapp. ALL THE CAPTAIN VON TRAPPS CAN GET IT.