Thx @lesbian I hope this one helps all of you learn how to live ur life to the cutest like me 💕💕💕💕
  1. Rescue a dog and give him a punny name
    Like if they tell you he's part whippet, name him Devo. When you eventually realize he's not a whippet, make sure you still explain the whole story every time someone asks what his name is
  2. Develop hardcore crushes on everyone who makes fleeting eye contact with you
  3. Wear yoga pants to work and pretend like they are just pocketless dress pants
  4. Never blow dry your hair
    But make sure you are extremely frustrated and confused when your hair looks like limp string hanging from ur scalp
  5. Put on cool bold lipstick and then get self-conscious about it in the car on your way to the event and frantically rub it off so that you look kind of like a clown in a windstorm
  6. When people show interest in you, giggle nervously and then run away
  7. Position Snapchat text and geofilters carefully so that they hide ur zits/large forehead/double chin/wonky eyebrow but make it look casual
  8. When you find a pair of pants you like, buy 2 pairs in every color and then never wear any other pants ever
    Thank u Amanda jeans from Gloria Alexander xoxo
  9. Make sure you are constantly fidgeting
    Do not sit in the same position for too long. Make sure you shift uncomfortably and rustle around enough that eventually everyone has noticed you
  10. Have the Titanic A New Musical soundtrack running on a constant loop in your head
  11. Wear lots of cardigans