This is all adapted from a super long email I sent to Support. DISCLAIMER: I have absolutely no knowledge of app development or how any of this would actually work, but it's fun to think about! You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one (am I???) See also: ⚡️LIVE LIST⚡️: MY GREYHOUND BUS ADVENTURE
  1. ⚡️Live would be the fourth option for list types; next to ⚫️Bulleted, 🔢Ranked, and ➕Open
    Like the ➕, the ⚡️would indicate that this list would be periodically updated
  2. When a live list is updated, it moves back to the top of a news feed
    This feature prevents it from getting lost in the mix of other 🔥💯non-live lists everyone else writes after its initial posting. (Note: I would also love to see this for Open Lists. Sometimes I want to revisit an open list like @kaitmaree's 6 Word Summaries but because I have to go in and manually refresh it, I usually end up forgetting.)
  3. There could be a 🚨Follow option next to the ⭐️Like, 🔁Relist, and 💾Save icons
    When you follow a list, updates would show up in your notifications tab (i.e: "@/whoever updated "LIST TITLE").
  4. Similarly, if you are entirely uninterested or annoyed by a live list that keeps showing up again and again, you could 🔇Mute it
    Instead of having to unfollow someone whose lists you usually enjoy, you can just mute that specific list that's plaguing your newsfeed!
    There are some really cool ways to leverage the List App's functionality that I think would definitely entice people to join up
  6. Breaking news
    News organizations could use it to keep people abreast of the latest updates in a story. Yes, I know that this is what Twitter is for but it would still be a cool feature and isn't the 21st century all about connecting with people across all possible platforms?
  7. Election coverage
    (UGH BORRRRINNNG. I know) A very specific subcategory of the breaking news application. As results come in, the list gets updated and people get alerted to the new results. And with primary season coming up next spring and a general election in the fall, it would be a really cool way that could get even more "legit" organizations involved.
  8. Special events
    THE INFAMOUS LIVE TWEET! Like live tweeting but way less annoying, and like live blogging but without being tied to one specific website! Live lists would be better way to live blog things like awards shows without making everyone on the Internet hate you! Bonus: this could help grow the List App community if you could wrangle the live tweeting audience during awards season....
  9. Progress reports
    The first thing that came to mind is someone who is embarking on a mission to try a new recipe every day. They could update a live list with the results of each evening's meal, and anyone with a vested interest in that person's culinary crusade could easily follow along )that was a boring example, but I hope you get what I mean).
  10. Mundane/civilian events
    Like when @olive and @sally hung out! It would have been fun to follow the events of their evening, but I had to manually go through and find the list again and refresh it to see what else had happened. Obviously not a terrible hardship, but there could be an easier and more intuitive way to do it.
  11. ??????
    Seriously, y'all are so creative and funny and amazing and can probably come up with other ways to utilize this feature that I haven't thought of!
    Live listing should be a thing. Also, I would like to reiterate that I have absolutely no way of knowing how this would work in practice outside of my imagination. So it may be completely impossible. In which case, @list please feel free to delete this list. In the words of Third Eye Blind, "I would understAAAAaaaaAAaand"
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