Inspired by @kellydehoop! And in honor of our ✨one month anniversary✨ (me and @list, I mean. Not me and Kelly)
  1. Fewer lists about 1D
    These are apparently a huge hit and I love the 1D contingent fiercely but also it's only one of my interests/facets of my personality! But I got swept up in the excitement around MITAM and went overboard and for that, I apologize!
  2. Less cursing
    This would require a complete overhaul of my entire self tbh because I have a wicked sailor's mouth. I always end up going back through my lists after I publish them to remove excessive f bombs which is annoying and I wish I was just less vulgar in the first place.
  3. That's it, really
    Honestly, I am very, very much myself on this app. For better or worse. So even though there are things I would definitely like to change about myself as a person, I can't really honestly say I'd do anything differently here. *cue Beyonce's "Flaws and All"*
  4. EDIT: I would also maybe not harass @john about not following me
    It was kinda rude, I'm sorry man