Okay this is so gross to say about an app but I realized it was TRUE (also I realized my li.stversary was yesterday but I thought it was today and now I regret everything)
  1. In complete honesty, I was not going to download this app
    It sounded kind of dumb, I didn't get it at all, but then I saw @mindy and @chris tweet about it and I was like okaaaayyy lemme check it out
  2. I posted my first list REASONS I GOT MAD TODAY which I had actually been thinking about for a while but was like "where does this belong? It's funny but WHERE DO I PUT IT????" So obviously I've been listing my whole life and didn't know it
  3. I didn't know anyone on here but I found @marymurphy and I was like "omg who is this? She's a monster? I fucking love her?" So I just followed everyone she followed and figured it would all work out
  4. I remember the first time I trended for LETTERS, RANKED and I thought I was gonna die
    I remember getting really excited about this list and putting way too much effort in on my lunch break and my coworker being like "what's wrong with you???"
  5. And it kept happening. There was one day where literally 10 of my lists were on the trending list which I realize now is why they got rid of that tab but like it turned me into an animal and is 100% why I kept hanging out here
  6. (This was the first time I was featured and I actually did die)
    PS remember this interface??? #glorydays
  7. Then @jakebrandman put me on FAST FRIENDS FRIDAY and I was like oh damn have I made it?
    To this day, this is one of the most flattering things that has ever happened to me
  8. And then @bjnovak himself liked and commented on one of my lists and I was like OH FUCK I REALLY HAVE MADE IT THAT GUY FROM THE OFFICE THINKS I'M FUNNY
    And I still feel this way no matter how often I cyber-heckle him. Every time BJ notices something I write, I am very flattered, humbled, and also extremely extremely big-headed
  9. The first time I made a spreadsheet for a list was two days in for MY CELEBRITY FAMILY and I remember thinking "holy shit I spent SO MUCH time and effort on this everyone is gonna think it's so dumb I'm embarrassed uggghhhhh"
  10. But they all loved it? And that's when I knew this was the place for me. A place where people could put arguably too much time and effort in on something for a dumb app and your peers would be like "okay okay I see you I love it I respect it"
  11. But this app literally changed so much of my life
  12. I have 10000000% more confidence
    The sheer fact that people like what I write (even the dumb shit!!!!!!!) have given me so much more confidence in how funny and smart I think I am. Y'all are the best best best most supportive community and whenever I'm down, you are there to remind me that I'm funny and beautiful and talented even though I'm lowkey 15% sure you're lying
  13. I went to therapy!
    Not sure I would have done this without this place. You made me feel like my feelings and emotions are valid and you're so open with your own struggles and mental health issues that I was like "damn I should do this and I CAN do this"
  14. I've admitted shit here I haven't even really come to terms with myself
    Not gonna expand on this for everyone's sake but you know what I mean. I love you guys.
  15. I have a podcast!
    Shoutout to this app for bringing me @brimattia aka my internet girlfriend and talented EP of ALL CAPS. I lowkey always dreamed of being a podcast guest (what a stupid dream) and we started this and 5 weeks later @scottinterrante invited us on Pop Unmuted and fulfilled all of our wildest dreams.
  16. I moved to LA
    I guarantee I would not have had the confidence to make this huge move without this community. I wanted to but I didn't know how I would do it. I didn't know anyone but my cousin out here. But now literally all of my friends in LA are either directly from the List community or people I met through listers. This place made me feel like I could do it.
  17. So many friends
    Even the ones who don't live here! I've met so many cool people! All over the country! And cyber met them all over the world! Like 80% of my Twitter and Snapchat interactions are with listers. Most of my texting activity is with Listers. It's so mind-boggling but DOPE. The Brooklyn meetup was wild, not to mention the clique ass Chicago trip. UGH I JUST LOVE ALL OF YOU PEOPLE.
  18. No like literally guys. When I got to LA I had no one. But @drugs took me in when I had nowhere to sleep for 3 days. Then @sophiack let me sleep in her spare bedroom. And @ltoiaivao came and sat on the couch with me one day when I was kinda homesick. @jellybean introduced me to my roommate. And so so many other people were just NICE to me
    I can't tag everyone because I will forget people and I don't want to be shitty but @RachelP @aprilkquioh @emilyannlosey especially come to mind as wonderful people in LA who have been kind to me and I already feel awful for forgetting people.
  19. Even when I was in Chicago for work last month! One day I was sad and crying and didn't know what to do so I half-invited myself over to @stevecady and @chriscady's and sat on their couch watching The Office and Steve had set out bowls of snacks and I'm explaining this terribly but I literally can't tell you what that meant to me
    I can count the number of IRL friends who would do that for me on one hand. Also special shoutout to @LeahG who got me hella drunk and then ate nachos and mimosas with me the next day when we both finally woke up at 3pm and also @JennyJLee who took me on a fancy date and then sat in my hotel room watching Taron Egerton videos on my iPad in silence.
  20. Also I got to meet Sondre Lerche and he didn't seem to care that I cried and then ran into the bathroom screaming when he followed me
    17 year old Kate is still in shock
  21. All this to say that when I downloaded in October 2015, I was super depressed and lost and felt like I was in a dead end. I was living with my parents, working at a job where I hadn't gotten a raise in 3 years, and had only a few friends I could depend on.
  22. Now 367 days later, I live in a new city where I have a ton of genuine friends, I am actively working on my mental health, and I am one call away from someone who actually truly cares about me
    Plus I have like 300 new Twitter followers and I'd be lying if that wasn't a big deal to me.
  23. Here ends the stream of consciousness that has been this list I love you all don't make me cry I hate you bye
    PS @michael_circa91 Taron is mine
  24. EDIT: 9/26
    I was going to write a eulogy until I realized I already wrote one.
  25. This app is directly responsible for so many good things in my life
    My friends, my job, my health, my sanity, my content.
  26. Thanks for giving me a place to find my voice and my people
  27. I love you a lot, even when I was mad or frustrated or mean or unenthusiastic
  28. This corner of the World Wide Web will always be my favorite
  29. I'm glad to have been here.
  30. Giphy