100% real blog entry from 2009 titled "i need to talk about things that make me angry". The significance is not just that I've been listing for years before I Li.sted, but that my first ever list on this app was REASONS I GOT MAD TODAY BRAND👏🏼SO👏🏼STRONG
  1. bad cover songs
  2. insincere smiles
  3. F.D.A.
    (Facebook displays of affection)
  4. practice AP tests
  5. parallel parking
  6. irony
  7. when good things change
  8. when bad things don't
  9. lactic acid
  10. typos on public documents
  11. "txt spk"
  12. lots of questions
  13. arguing just because
  14. retainers
  15. knuckle cracking
  16. people who use scapegoats
  17. people who don't reciprocate favors
  18. being tickled
  19. being patronized
  20. empty bank accounts
  21. AP french