1. Condiments
    Right now I don't use any condiments (I don't know why) but I recently dipped a chicken finger in bbq sauce in a moment of weakness and I am a changed person. Ketchup can still gtfo tho
  2. TV shows I swear I'll never watch
    I finally saw an episode of Law & Order SVU (in the daylight) and I GET IT, OKAY? Maybe Gilmore Girls will be next WHO KNOWS
  3. Judging people who use notecards during professional speeches
    I know the time will come when I can no longer memorize material on the fly and may need to lean on some prepared notes. Until then, I will side eye away (do ur fooking job mate)
  4. Schilling products on instagram
    YO DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THEY GET PAID???? Honestly if I ever have the platform, I would grab that offer in a heartbeat
    In the meantime I'm in a silent feud with all of you who changed 👀