Okay but I have a few questions
  1. How would I watch them?
  2. If there is electricity, why am I wasting it on watching TV and not using it to somehow get off this island?
  3. If it's battery powered, there is no way I have enough battery to get through THREE whole television series, let alone more than once, rendering this whole weird experiment pointless
  4. Also, if I have room to pack 3 entire television series on DVD, do I not have room for survival supplies? Am I limited to only these 3 series? Can I ditch them to make room for some more emergency flares and astronaut food and water filters??
  5. And if I have the foresight to choose 3 series to bring with me, don't I also have the foresight to NOT get stuck on a desert island?
  6. I guess I could use the DVDs to reflect the sun and start a fire?
  7. Or if it's on a hard drive, how would I power the computer to watch them?
  8. And how does this hard drive not have enough room to fit more than 3 series??? This is 2015 and I'm headed to a desert island. Mama is splurging for the 5TB drive
  9. But I digress
  10. West Wing, Seinfeld, and That 70s Show