1. Lorelei oversleeping her daughter's first day of school is so relatable and an anxiety I didn't know to have until now
  2. Also why does it matter what her mother wears to drop her off??? Just don't get out of the car??? Also who takes ALL OF THEIR CLOTHES to the dry cleaners at once? What is she going to wear to work?
  3. Oh okay never mind they explained it
  4. Creepy dad giving directions makes me want to scream
  5. That backpack is disgusting Rors
  7. How have neither of them met the headmaster yet? How did she get admitted without an interview? They're acting like she went in blind it just makes no sense
  8. Grandma Gilmore's hair is 1000% better post-pilot
  9. Yo no offense guys but I'm team Grandma
    She's a bitch but she means well
  10. Wait they're literally doing the admissions interview on her first day that makes no fucking sense
  11. "Hoooo my aspiration in life? My aspiration in life is........to be happy"
    *ah AH ah*
  12. Psssst what do principals do all day?
  13. How is Lorelei Gilmore a stripper name??
  14. A journalism MAJOR??????????????
  15. Luke clearly has their best interests at heart
  16. Also I blame this show for teaching a generation of people that liking coffee is an okay replacement for a personality
  17. "Keep those leotards on, this is not Brazil"
  18. Doesn't Lorelei have to work....?
  19. Let the woman buy her some socks LoLo
  20. lol bye Chad Michael Murray
  21. Paris is a stone cold bitch I'm into it
  22. It's unreasonable to think that Lorelei's mother couldn't find the number to her daughter's inn. How does she expect potential visitors to find the number but not her own mother cmon Lorelei
  23. But she's cool that creepy dad tracked her down???!?'&/'sncjke
  24. I hope that's really Alex Borstein playing the harp please don't tell me otherwise
  26. Why are all these teachers acting like it's the first time they've heard of a student using a nickname other than their formal given name
  27. If I have to wait 32 seasons for these assholes to get together I'm gonna sue Lauren Graham
  28. Okay like I get that she is crossing the line but Emily is just trying to help and maybe Lorelei could have a convo about boundaries with her not in a salon bc both of these are inappropriate
  29. Is Luke's a diner or a hardware store they should really clarify the signage