1. The Nazi references in the opening scene are uncomfortable!!!!!
  2. Dean is so cute I'm so mad at everyone who told me I have to hate him and I SWEAR if you come into my comments with spoilers about his behavior I will burn List App to the ground
  3. Michel speaking French is so cute omg
  4. Did anyone think Sookie wasn't going to do all the baking for the bake sale
  5. I hate that Lorelai and Hot Teacher are gonna fuck
  6. This is from last episode but I love that the anecdote to make us think Hot Teacher is Cool and Hot is that he teaches Marlowe even though it might not be on the AP exam wow principles!!!
  7. FUCK YEAH LANE WOULD PICK TO LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS RORY GILMORE "lol wot wud u even do in a major east coast city and the birthplace of democracy lol u wild for that one Laney"
  8. This assistant manager was literally just a lackadaisical landscaper two episodes ago why do they think we all got amnesia in two weeks
  9. Lorelai shredding this man is hilarious but also does not usually work unless you are very very hot
  10. Rory is gonna kill her mother wow
  11. The antique cash register at Luke's made me roll my eyes so far into the back of my head that they got lost in my skull and now I'm staring at my hippocampus
  12. The animal crime scene is fucking wild dude with the sheet over the cat corpse I'm LAUGHING
  14. Luke is every fuccboi who has ever undermined me and I will ruin him and avenge Sookie St. James
  15. I have definitely been this sad over an animal but also I swear this many people didn't show up for my 92 year old grandfather's funeral and he was a fucking lieutenant colonel in WWII
  16. Even though I totally understand how the age dynamic works for the plot, it makes me 🙄 to think about network execs all hot and bothered over the fact that they can cast a 30 year old to play a teenager's mother
  17. Guys why did we ever think white eyeshadow was a good look
  18. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton reference wow sign of the times man
  19. Rory should have stood her ground and told her mom to wait until after she was out from under Hot Teacher's tutelage. That feels like a very reasonable compromise to me??
  20. Maury and Babette are adorable the show should be about them
  21. "I don't leave messages" EMILY GODDAMN GILMORE
  22. "Hold on I'm looking aneurysms in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one"
  23. "Oh what you're going to a raccoon's wedding?" SHUT IT DOWN EMILY
  24. This is weird but Rory looks so much like @magic but with 50% less glow