1. Hey man
  2. What the fuck??
  3. How are you not gonna follow me?
  4. My lists are 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    This is subjective but I think it's a fair assessment. It's completely fair!!!
  5. I'm a prophet.
    I mean did you read my live listing list???? Or the finding your soulmate?? Cause, let's face it. You'll probably find your future and only wife on here (if we're being real with each other).
  6. You follow so many people who I love and who (apparently) love me back
    Namely @amber, but I feel like this makes us very compatible. Very compatible. Also @DanaDigsYou and @olive who I love and cherish and aspire to be as bad as (but that is impossible cause they're too bad, too good. Who else can do that?? No one.)
  7. You would honestly love me if you met me
    I'm lowkey af and wouldn't blow up your spot (I realize that this list is not indicative of that, but I had to get your attention and since I don't know which hotel you're staying at so I can't stand outside your window with a boombox)
  8. I'm cute.
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  9. So, if you can think of anything else that hinders you from our commonalities and potential friendship I'd love to hear it @john
  10. PS I live for lemon-lime Perrier, so if you do too this is further proof. Let me know. Wink face.
  11. (Commentary by @amber)